How do you change a country devestated by HATE

With the LOVE of Jesus Christ

LBI trains Pakistani men and women to share the love of Christ

Since 1960, LBI pastors have planted over 600 churches


  • doesn’t have to learn the language
  • doesn’t suffer culture shock
  • can connect with other natives
  • understands local situations
  • doesn’t have problems with customs and churches
  • doesn’t have problems with foods and fashions
  • doesn’t have to depend on foreign support
  • is capable of carrying the gospel to his people
  • is as courageous as the foreign missionaries
  • has the goal of the Great Commission

Native Pakistani's trained in preaching and teaching the Word of God can be more effective missionaries to their native land than foreigners. Since it was established in 1960, LBI has graduated almost 600 students to serve the people of Pakistan with the love of Jesus Christ.


  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan

    2nd largest Muslim nation in the world. About twice the size of California. Est 205 million people. 97% Muslim. Median age: 23.
  • Languages

    Punjabi and English are the main spoken languages with about 60 different dialects.
  • Military Power

    Pakistan is the world's first Islamic country to attain nuclear power. Pakistan has the world's 6th largest military in the world. Pakistan's most significant rival is it's neighbor, India.
  • Christian Persecution

    Open Doors ranks Pakistan as the 4th most persecuted country in the world for Christians, just behind North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan.
  • Blasphemy Laws

    Notorious blasphemy laws allow anyone to claim that another has said something against the Muslim prophet or against the Koran under penalty of death. These laws are frequently abused against the minority Christian population.